“Living Barbie”: 55-year old American MADE 52 plastic surgeries

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“Living Barbie”: 55-year old American MADE 52 plastic surgeries

Cindy Jackson

American Cindy Jackson became the record holder for the number of plastic operations done. She changed her face, figure and even rejuvenated her hands.

55-year-old blonde from the US state of Ohio Cindy Jackson was in the Guinness Book of Records as a plastic champion – for her life she made 52 plastic operations totaling $ 100,000.

“I did not set a goal to set a world record, I just wanted to look better,” Cindy said.

Cindy Jackson Plastic Surgery

She grew up in a small town, with a nervous father and low self-esteem. As Cindy remembered, one day, when she was 14, a local guy told her: “when you smile, you have a nose and chin from your side.”

After the death of her father she inherited a rather large inheritance, which the woman spent on improving her body. Her ideal was Brigitte Bardot.

Cindy suffered five facelifts, eyelid, nose, several liposuction zones stomach and thighs and numerous injections of Botox.

Cindy Jackson

“For me, the best result is when it looks natural, I would not want anyone to stop, look at me and say that” this woman had too much surgery, “Cindy confessed.

Thanks to her passion, Cindy learned about plastic surgery so much that she now works as a consultant in a beauty salon. An hour of communication with Jackson costs customers $ 570.

The last operation, to which she resorted, is the “rejuvenation” of the hands. Cindy said that although she did all the plastic surgeries to look much younger than her years, she still gave out her hands. Now she was given a series of injections of a substance that stimulated the production of collagen, and a young tissue appeared on her hands.

Cindy Jackson plastic surgery before and after

Recently, Cindy Jackson released a book called “Live Barbie”, in which she shared her experience. And on a personal site, she made a special selection of photos on which you can see how her face changed.

“We should not look at plastic surgery, like our parents, this evolution is medical progress,” Cindy stressed.


Cindy Jackson after plastic surgery


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