Top 10 Most Popular Plastic Surgery in the USA

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Top 10 Most Popular Plastic Surgery in the USA

American plastic surgeons named the 10 most popular now in the USA plastic surgery. There is an increased interest in minimally invasive cosmetic procedures, including injections of botox and excipients.

Tenth place

The tenth place in the rating of the operation to reduce breast size, whose popularity over the past year has grown by 11%. In 2017, 43,635 patients underwent this operation. During the procedure, excess fat, glandular tissue and skin are released from the breast in order to make the breasts smaller.









Ninth place

In the ninth place, neck lifting is a surgical procedure that removes excess skin and makes the neck more youthful in appearance. Also with his help, you can tighten and lower the face, including the area under the chin.





Eighth place

Dermabrasion takes eighth place, in 2017, 84,276 operations were performed. During dermabrasion, the surgeon uses a special tool to remove the outer layer of the skin, which should also serve the purpose of rejuvenation.






Seventh Place

In seventh place is breast lifting , as a result of which excess skin is removed, and the breast becomes more elastic.





Sixth place

Facelifting takes a strong sixth place among plastic surgery, it still remains one of the most popular procedures in the US. In recent years, gaining popularity minifacelifting, the consequences of which on the face are not seen so much. The lift is carried out through short incisions in the region of the temples, continuing behind the ears.




Fifth place

On the fifth place in the list of abdominal plastic, which is gaining increasing popularity. Another plastic surgery to remove excess fat and skin, very often it restores weakened or divided muscles to create an attractive flat stomach.

Fourth place

In the fourth place, the eyelid lift (blepharoplasty), whose popularity has been steadily increasing over the past few years. The procedure is performed on the eyelids from the upper and lower parts of the eyes.



Third place

In third place, rhinoplasty or changes in the contours of the nose increased by 2% from 2016 to 2017. Not least, this is due to the growing popularity of Selfie.




Second place

In second place is liposuction.



First place

On the first – still very popular breast augmentation. In 2017, 300 378 similar plastic surgeries were carried out in the United States.















As it became known, Americans are on the first place in the world aspiring to change their bodies with the help of a plastic surgeon’s scalpel. And in the USA, such a “work on themselves” are carried away only by women, but also by men, among whom even … priests come across! For example, a couple of years ago, a vicar from New York was accused of stealing 85,000 dollars from donations from citizens. When asked what the padre spent, the man, embarrassed, said that it was a sin – he allowed himself a couple of plastic surgeries…

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