Sandra Bullock plastic surgery

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Sandra Bullock plastic surgery before and after

Sandra Bullock is one of Hollywood’s most popular and well-paid stars. She received world fame in 1994 thanks to the shooting in the film “Speed”, she also appeared in the films “House by the Lake”, “Presentiment”, “Proposal” and many others. In 2010 she became the owner of the Oscar in the category “Best Actress”. Twice donated one million dollars to the American red cross.

In 2018, the actress turns 54 years old. What allows her to look younger for 10 – 15 years? If you look at the photos of Sandra Bullock before and after plastic surgery, you can conclude that this actress has always made the right choice. Trying to rejuvenate with the help of plastic surgery, the main thing is not to cross the border for which the good turns into evil.

Sandra Bullock 1994


Sandra Bullock 2010


Sandra Bullock 2018

Bullock did not enlarge her breasts, did not do liposuction, did not change the shape of her nose and did not inject silicone into her lips. Bullock was recognized several times by the most natural actress in America! But she also attended a plastic surgery clinic. Facelift, Botox injections and rhinoplasty, all these operations were taken by Sandra Bullock.

Sandra Bullock facelift

The main cause of the plastic surgery was wrinkles. To get rid of them, the star fell under the knife of a plastic surgeon. Fortunately, the face lift was successful, and today Sandra Bullock is much younger than her age for the joy of the audience.

Sandra Bullock facelift


Sandra Bullock Botox injections

In the film “The House by the Lake”, Sandra already sees age-related changes – her face is not as fresh as in her youth, but she is also attractive. But if you look at the face – the skin is much smoothened. It is clear that there were some injections.

Sandra Bullock Botox injections


Sandra Bullock nose job

Rhinoplasty Sandra Bullock is considered in Hollywood as one of the exemplary. Sandra was able to keep the original contours of the nose, while making it a little thin, to get those features that are very popular with the public.

Sandra Bullock nose job



Sandra Bullock

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